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"Only fear to the Lord and serve him in truth with all your heart, then consider how great things has done for you." (1 Samuel 12:24).

COMPLEMENTARY passage: John 3:16-17

Today is a wonderful day, that the Lord gives us, to take advantage of and renew our strength, thanking in our hearts for all the benefits that generously received his hand; the largest of all, life. To many of us live is the just reward for our way of being ("we are good workers, we do harm to anyone, etc.»), but we must be careful and understand that it is not because we deserve it, but by the infinite mercy of God, the only one who has power over weather and life.

Wake up each morning and again see the light of day is a gift from our heavenly father. Therefore, it is vital that we understand that life is a wonderful miracle, that we thank and enjoy to the fullest; then, let us not allow us absolutely nothing take the happiness that involves living one more day.

Think now of our family and work; believe that they belong to us is a mistake. We understand that we have them also because God allows us to enjoy them, to love them, we honor them, we give them the best; discovering that the easiest path to true happiness is love to those around us and what we do.

It is good to know that God gives us everything. We learn to recognize that we are privileged and formulating our good father joy, thanking him for gifts that we receive, we can tell you with all our heart every morning: "this is the day made by the Lord, we loved it and will be glad" (Psalm 118:24)

We then have to recognize his great love of our life, begin to take him into account in every thought, every word every action, and decide to make a genuine delivery of all to him, thus beginning to be instruments of blessing in their hands. Every day that the Lord gives us we can live it with happiness and surely, there will be time for sadness or anything to remove us peace.


"Amado Padre, today we give thanks for waking up every morning and see the light of day again, for allowing us to share this beautiful sunrise at your side, how good to know that you give us everything, because you gave us it better: your son, how infinite is your love and mercy with us." Give us Lord a grateful and reconciled heart always remember that you have the best for us. "We will give you our lives, these present in every thought, every word, every action and don't let anything take us the happiness of being your first and the best in our lives". Amen

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.

Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".




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