"And the Lord said to Moses: you write these words;" because according to these words I have made Covenant with you and with Israel." (Exodus 34:27)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Psalm 40:6-8

Since we started our Christian life, is one of the most valuable lessons the understand the important exercise a consistent devotional life. We have also heard how rewarding that is to develop the habit of carrying a daily devotional booklet, in which we can record the different teachings and promises that God has for us every day. But still more important or necessary, would be to write your words in our hearts.

Meditation on this day is aimed at cooling a direct instruction from God to Moses, to motivate us, to write all that he says, through his word. Scripture never loses validitywhy today Dios motivates us to make every morning to stand in front of him, so ready so you don't miss a single detail of everything what we have and says to brighten up our soul, guidance that give us before any plan you want to perform or a loving exhortation which lead us to change the attitude of our hearts.

For the people of Israel was of the utmost importance have kept the words of his Lord, his precepts and commandments.Today for us, is equally valuable to record the memories of everything that our father speaks to us every morning in our time of intimacy with him, and then like that when we review a photo album or a card that we keep with care, cheer our hearts to remember moments of joy, fortress, mimes, consolation or victory. This is the recommendation or teaching of God to his people (Dt 4:9) "Don't forget the things your eyes have seen..."

"I thank God that today to share with you, through this book, many of the teachings that dad has given me and that product have kept fondly in my devotional booklet and in my heart, today, they are as fresh as the day that gave them to me." (Lolita Cruz de Chamorro).


"Dear Padre, thank you for your word which is alive and brings response to our lives today and in every dawn we allow living. Let us hear it, save it, and put it for work, leaving it to penetrate our inner, take control of our heart and operate comprehensive health. You do not ask sacrifices in Exchange for forgiveness; we ask only obedience. Here we have. My God, fulfil your will is our greatest joy; your teaching carry them deep inside us!Therefore, we will keep them in our soul with diligence, we will not forget the things that our eyes have seen, nor depart from our hearts for the rest of our lives; we'll teach them to our children, and our children's children". Amen


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