"He heals the brokenhearted, and bandages their wounds." (Psalm 147:3)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Isaiah 49:8-11

The children of God we are very privileged to know that we have a God who is interested in our welfare. A loving father, who welcomes us as children in need, embraces us, heal our wounds and wipe our tears, waiting then we smile him, full of affection and gratitude.

All human beings need to be treated by the single "doctor par excellence" he heals all our wounds, lowering our pain and makes us see the difficulties as real springboards to victory. For this reason, present us each day, longing for their presence and looking for her sincere heart, learn to enjoy every moment of our life in her tender arms, is the first step toward a total restoration.

To delight in his presence every day, we learn to trust, to rest and to believe that no difficulties, however great it is, has the size of God; we then delight us in his company experiencing joy and strength, acquiring a dimension of dominion over any problem, waiting with certainty the prompt response that will come We learn to leave our burdens in the hands of God; we rest in him and allow him to act; let us hear the voice of discouragement, concern or defeat.

Finally, put our faith into action. Begin to think, Act and decide how new men and women. We have present, today more than ever, see the difficulties as the best opportunities that God gives us to experience what we have learned to place our faith in a powerful and true God for whom our 'huge burdens are nothing more than tiny grains of sand. 


"Wonderful and faithful Lord, thank you for another day in our lives, how not to bless you and praise you for your great mercy?" Nobody can offer us what you give us: a life full of peace, joy and comprehensive, thanks for what we have done so far with us, we ask that you follow refine your work in us, allowing us to delight us in your presence, that we begin to think, Act and decide how new men and women, teach us to let our loads in your hands. We have no hunger or thirst, or it will disturb us Sun and heat, because you love us and guide us, and take us to water sources. "We will open roads through the mountains and the US will do pass through flat terrain". Amen


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