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"If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you want, and it will be done." (Juan 15:7)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Psalm 119:97-105

Is true that we can find innumerable treatises on values to put into practice to improve our way of life, and even our attitude towards it; however,in the Bible are all necessary and profound teachings that every human being must know and learn how to exercise them, so they become values applicable daily in the various areas of its existence.

In our society is evident the urgency of rescue training and education based on values; butthe best manual that we can have is the Bible;so it is not difficult to understand what King David expressed about it, a man filled with personal victories, surrounded by people who loved him and respected him, understood that their supply values was the word of God. This great servant cameto fall for the word of God, and he has made it his meditation throughout the day.

Knowing Scripture leads us to be men and women of excellence;making it our life Manualwe will be ready to every good work, which means really successful people, men and women of success know that Christian principles reported in this Manual, are appropriate and necessary to become wise, good and prosperous.It has been shown that other system perfect to provide wisdom, power and efficiency there is no to the man of today that the principles of the Bible.A person who has been found in the Bible needed to reach excellence, values expressed easily as well as King David, even in the midst of the pressures to which it was subject: "have you made Me wiser than my enemies with your commandments, because they are always with me" "of your commandments I have acquired intelligence, therefore I hated the way of the lie". Whenever a person is immersed in God's principles, acquires a superior wisdom of this world, allowing you to bring a solution to the land and its inhabitants.


"Dear Father, thank you for giving us one more day of life, teach us the truth that is in your Word and help us accomplish it with joy, disposition and diligence." Our thoughts become your own, your words are our words and our desire is to fulfill your purposes each day. How sweet are our palate your words!, more than honey to our mouths. Let us fall in love with your Word and meditate on it all day." Amen.


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