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For it is better the wisdom that the precious stones; and everything you may want, does not compare with her." (Proverbs 8:11).

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Job 28:12-28

The way of excellence is a process that definitely requires wisdom to thrive and achieve success and carrying out personal and professional. Will speak, then, of the value of wisdom; wisdom is more close to us that what we can imagine, is priceless, but yes requires effort and commitment to achieve it.

People generally aspire to get many material goods that allow them to have a "quality of life" and achieve a status that gives them comfort and wellbeing. What gives meaning to our existence is the mission we are going to meet in this life, and this means to discover who we are and where we go.

King Solomon, considered the wisest man of all time, filed their success precisely to this value, because it was not only a rich man physically, but a man immensely wise, full of great achievements thanks to the wisdom that was given to him by God-inspired.

It is also important to understand that the wisdom God gives it to him seeking diligently and is willing to give your heart to the Lord for a definitive and radical change, be wise is not to acquire a series of knowledge or skills, but is to cultivate a straight, full, and sensible heart that walk in the paths just pointing by Dios. This means that different environments where we operate cannot be the excuse to act in a manner contrary to the will of God and much less to give a bad witness, arguing that everyone does it, following the current of this world.

The first thing we must understand to be wise is the need to seek God, because he is the source of all knowledge and the source of all wisdom. A life of prayer and meditation on the word of God are the tools that he will use to get those wise children, which as a result, prosper and have victory in all things.


"Dear Father, thank you for this new dawn in your presence, take our senses and exercise them so that we can understand your Word every morning very early, to make lamp to our feet, which shine the way where we go." We decided to put aside our own wisdom and ask you Holy Spirit who lead us along the paths traced by Ti. Father God help us to cultivate a straight, full, and sensible heart that walks in a fair that you point at us and thus be able to make sense of our existence. Help us God father in different environments where we find ourselves, make an excuse to act in a manner contrary to your will." Amen


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