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"Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in the magnificence of its sky. Praise him for his prowess; praise him according to his greatness crowd". (Psalm 150:1-2)
COMPLEMENTARY passage: Psalm 145:1-21
In difficult moments, praise brings refreshment to our heart. Our words, mixed with beautiful notes musicals (fruit of lips that confess his name), reach the ears of God, and bring blessing and release our souls (Hebrews 13:15).
In the Psalms, without a doubt, the hymnal of the early Church, we discovered a stunning description of that God who deserves our praise and worship. Psalm 150 illustrates how to praise God:
* In his sanctuary: talks about the place where we must exalt him.
* In the magnificence of their firmament: by its grandeur and the beautiful way since you have created the universe.
* By his prowess: it has made us winners before all the battles to which we face each day.
According to the crowd of his greatness: its glory motivates us to raise our voices, recognizing its wonders, miracles and signs.
* With what it praises God?: speaker, psaltery and harp, with tambourine and dancing, with strings and flutes, with resounding cymbals, and with cymbals of jubilation.
Knowing that everything was created for our wellbeing, leads us to praise him spontaneously. Praise leads to intimacy with God, enjoy his greatness, and as a result, we delight in their manifestations. We do today, praise, that language of love that allows you to get close to him and enjoy the fullness of his presence.
"Dios praise you because great are your works, all creation features of your wonders. The more we praise you, more we enjoyed your presence and our desire to be intimate with you, please you and meet you becomes larger. Thanks to our lives, because that was your plan my God and King, I will always bless you and praise your greatness! great are you, our God, and deserve our praise! so great is your greatness that we can understand it! We will discuss the power, beauty and Majesty of your wonderful deeds; I think much of them, and I will give them to my children. We will discuss your immense kindness, and amidst cries of joy will tell that you are a God just. My God, you always keep your promises and do everything with love. You are always near to those who call you with sincerity. You answer the prayers that you honor; you give them what they need and put them away. My lips always praise you! The whole of humanity bless now and forever!" Amen


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