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You rebuke not the old man, but exhort him as father; children, brethren; to the elderly, as to mothers; girls, like to sisters, with all purity. Honor widows who are really"(1 Timothy 5:1-3)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: 1 Timothy 4 & 5

The Apostle Paul sought in Timothy a man full of faith, a true servant of God who not only speak of it with his words but with his actions and example.Is impossible claim to serve God if we are not willing to develop a lifestyle like the Jesus. The son of God, was so full of love that was easily deductible that God was with him. His love to his father not only manifested itself in words when I prayed, but in actions of obedience involving have mercy and act with compassion always towards every human being, especially towards the weak, the sick, the homeless, the scorned.

El Doctor Nestor Chamorro, founder of a large family called Crusade and professional of Colombia, Centro de Theotherapy Integral in the world, taught this great truth of God's word """Have to live with the people, between people and for the people '.Is that in this filed their happiness and success in his life. Those who had the privilege to share with him, receive an example of fulfilling life with deep satisfaction. But his victories were not related to academic, economic achievements, with the fame or power.His great personal triumph was love. Felt true son of God, and this made him keeper of a genuine love that manifested freely to each of their family members, friends and disciples.Is this deal unique and special, full of committed love, what has made enduring his memory and live his example in the heart of each one of the members of this great family.

A person who intends to serve God and to develop a transcendental work worldwide, must develop solid principles based on genuine love to others. Anyone who does not truly love another may influence enduringly. All victoria spiritual, all work that transcends to eternity, will be motivated and developed through love. Every man and woman of faith, full of the Holy Spirit, they will always have a special dose of sweetness, kindness, patience, diligence and commitment to all; then they will be powerfully influencing the lives of those around them, producing fruits of healing, restoration, liberation, prosperity and joy, but also producing the multiplication of his love in the lives of others.

Now we see that the treatment proper, respectful and merciful to those who surround us, is not a matter of character, training, or an attitude. It is a supernatural training of the Holy Spirit, which takes us beyond having excellent relations with others, to live in intimate communion with God, expressing his love through our lives.


"Our father, thank you for allowing us to be again in your presence, you have been our best master in love, because we've loved and cared no merit." Teach us to love, to forgive, to accept and to live in peace with all those around us as you do with us. It molds and shapes our character in accordance with yours. Let us so merciful, loving, patient and compassionate as Jesus. It reflects your love of commitment and action in our hearts. Because everything that you created is good, and nothing is thrown away, if we take it with Thanksgiving; because the word of God and prayer is sanctified" Amen.


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