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"Owe no one anything, except to love one another; because he who loves his neighbor, has fulfilled the law"(Romans 13:8)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Romans 13

Many people constantly wonder about what they have to do that God blesses them and can experience security and peace.Is necessary to understand that it is not only "what to do" but rather it's how I have to 'be'.

Dios is more interested in what will come to be in what we can do for him. I.e., Jesus Christ came not to let us tasks to accomplish, nor a code of rules, rigid, cold and filled with prohibitions.He came to teach us about love of his father God, through which he made us his children and loved ones. He came to give us a wonderful and fruitful, life in which it is possible to enjoy real security, confidence, peace and faith and achieve everything that our Father God has promised us.

Would we then, how need to "be"? What is that life which I cultivate? What are those brands that I identify with my heavenly father?

The love of God,Dios is love, there is no more need for the human being to love, there are no larger than the love making. Of course, the essence of our life is love; first it should be directed to him who loved us first, which we created, saved us, cares for us, sustains us and fills us with all good (1 Juan 4:9-10). It is the natural response of a grateful heart. It is the indivisible bond that makes us true sons and heirs. If the man can not love God, who comes from his life and his existence, can love himself or someone else?

The love of neighborIs the perfect link between humans, the basis of peace in the family, group and society. It refers to honor, consideration, respect, commitment, to every human being. The husband to the wife, the son to the father, the Chief, the subordinate and so on, with every human relationship. This single love is possible when we have filled us with the perfect love of God (1 Juan 4 11-12), and we are so rich, so full and saturated his love and his blessing, we know debtors of those who may not even experience it. Thus arises a real commitment to deliver this wonderful and healing love to all others.



"Father God, thank you for this new day that we give, we ask forgiveness because today understand how selfishness, how much lack of love had in our hearts, how much hardness to recognize all the good you have given us and the Salvation he has freely given us." Today we recognize how lacking in your love we were, we always hoped in others, requiring that only you can give us. Asking for love without love them, waiting for them without being able to give them a genuine and true love first. Please guide us and fill us with your spirit to live in accordance with your truths and be able to be at peace with you and with others, to love and love them. Only with your help we can do it. Amen."


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