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"You, o Lord, I put my trust; is not I confused ever; deliver me in your righteousness. Lean your ear to me, deliver me soon; you know my strong rock and fortress to save me. For you are my rock and my fortress; by your name I lead and I encaminarás"(Psalm 31:1-3)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Psalm 31, Psalm 116

Always amazed me goodness, mercy and tenderness of our Lord to us. Every day, every night, everywhere and in all circumstances, the Lord is with us and its singular support acting continuously. Never is far away from their children, and always ready to rescue them. There can be no doubt that he loves us, especially to those who call upon him as Lord and Savior. This statement of the psalmist, which is unique and secure trust in God, who declares that it is his rock and its castle, its largest aid and protection, it should be the same as today we go to the.

Trust in God our father and believing in his promises, leads us to live confident that we will be ever confused, no argument, or philosophies may lose us from the path that the Lord has placed us.

Dios expressed in his word that he will be always near to those who seek him and attentive to their prayers to send them their timely relief; He is our rock and our Castle, on its behalf, will guide us and will lead us along the path of good. Without a doubt, this process where you see the hand of God, faith, the fruit of the holy spirit that allows us to believe that only Dios can change even the most difficult situations that can befall us is final.

Call and God's desire is that you and I, we create to him without hesitation, without arguments, having indeed that when we live according to its principles, our life will be in his hands; This will cause the heavens to open with rain of blessings until it redound, fulfilled what Deuteronomy 28:11 "And Jehovah will make you overflow in goods, in the fruit of your womb, in the fruit of your beast, and in the fruit of your ground, in the country which Jehovah swore to your parents that you had to"

The plan of God our father is that we enjoy all right, without missing anything we will be his presence which will keep us and will protect at times of danger. This should fill us with joy, only we have to believe in this truth of God.


"Kindly father, thank you for this beautiful day in our lives, we delight in your presence to the knowing that only you are God, and have the power to help us in times of danger; We've done know your mercy and kindness, that we declare today that you are our strength and our strength. We raise our prayers to you, help us to trust in your precious name and your eternal Word, so that our hearts do not faint because of the afflictions. Fill us with Ti beloved Holy Spirit, because you need. Amen."


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