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"My little children, do not fool yourself now, because Jehovah you chose to you so that you are in front of him and will serve him and be his ministers and a chosen him incense" (2 Chronicles 29:11)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Psalm 66:13-20: Marcos 9:2-29

As well as physical exercise keeps the State of our body in good condition, so the prayer keeps our spiritual life healthy, vigorous and dynamic. Need to learn to cultivate a rich life of prayer and study of the Bible, as essential elements to keep and enjoy the benefits of the Christian life in permanent form.

Jesus Christ with his own life makes us aware of the importance of a relentless pursuit of the presence of the father through prayer, and the real purpose for which God has chosen our biggest need.On multiple occasions, the Scriptures tell us those sublime times as definitive in the life of the son of God. Was common, for example, that the Lord rise up early in the morning, and still very dark, will depart only to a mountain to pray. We also see him looking for legitimate spiritual and physical relaxation after a strenuous day's work and when everybody tried to retire to his home to rest, not in body sleep but in solitude with his father. It could spend whole nights praying, taking forces, encouragement and direction. He was never tired to not pray. He knew that the success of his Ministry depended on search for his father in prayer.

Momentous decisions as the of choosing who would accompany him in his Ministry and would continue its work, also spent much time in prayer. Before you go with people to heal them, to liberate them and to teach them, it is was supplying of the inexhaustible source of supernatural power through prayer, as in the event of the Transfiguration, where all the glory of the father made manifest in his face and even in their robes.

Immediately drops to the Valley and is a young man who needs to be freed from a spirit who tormented him in the most terrible way and who his own disciples had not been able to help. A word full of power from on high, Jesus released to this young man from his horrible bondage. Thought which momentous events occurred after every prayer and what would have happened if Jesus had not received direction from his father through prayer.We consult God every day and before making any decision? If Jesus, the son of God with all his power, needed to pray, how much more we with all our weaknesses and needs!


"Dear God, thank you we give you on this wonderful day, thank you for reminding us that our priority is to be in front of you, which is in your presence where your spirit strengthens us, teaches us and guides us to live every day as worthy sons of yours, transcending to eternity." You pray with our mouth, you will hear us and attend our pleas." Amen


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