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"My heart told you: seek my face." Seek your face, o Lord"(Psalm 27:8)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Psalm 27:4-5; Job 8:5-7

Augustine said it: 'You we did for you, o God, and our hearts are in restlessness until they find peace in you'.   

Human being is designed by God to wish and enjoy the fellowship with him. If we recall the fall of man in the garden of Eden, we can understand how our parents Adam and Eve Sin generated a vacuum in every being; void that it cannot be filled with anything that isn't, an authentic relationship with our father and creator.

No matter what human beings do or achievements that get, nothing can replace that communion with God that satisfies the very essence of being, which gives purpose to your life feeds and maintains the balance and the health of his soul, and even the well-being of your body.

Is the prayer that allows us to develop and maintain our life in communion with our loving father; David understood this great truth as we see it in the Psalm 5:2: "Is attentive to the voice of my cry, my King and God mine, because you will pray"

We believe that prayer is a wellspring of life. Is a proven fact that the human being gets you really need prayer, it connects us with the source of all good and all provision, that nothing is missing that prays, that sentence makes the impossible humanly, becomes a reality, so we can say: "alma mine in God only rests", because it is my hope" (Psalm 62:5). If you want to see the support, favor and God's blessing in our lives, our families to live the love and unity, that always surrounds us peace, that everything that we undertake is prospered, and that our lives go from glory to glory and victory in victoria. 

Through prayer, we cultivate an intimate friendship with the Almighty, with the Almighty, which under his lordship and sovereignty has control of all things, with the one for which nothing is difficult or impossible.


"Lord, thank you for allowing us to be again in prayer with you, from the bottom of our heart we cry out to you with gratitude, you seek with all our because you alone do we live according to your purposes; only in your presence we find the forces required to live each day in accordance with what pleases you. Teach us to make our greatest strength, our best rest, our biggest joy, our most powerful defense, our highest refuge of prayer. Thank you for your love. One thing we have sued unto the Lord, we will look for this; we are in the House of the Lord all the days of our lives, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in his temple "Amen.


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