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"And it moved away from them to distance as from a stone's throw away; and knees as prayed, saying: father, if you like, pass me this Cup; but not my will but yours be done. And an angel from heaven appeared to him to strengthen you"(Lucas 22: 41-43)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Lucas 22:39-46; Psalm 51:16-17

What extraordinary example of humility! As God, Jesus is separated a moment his father or his perfect will. Now, he was about to die in the worst possible way, loading upon himself all the sins of mankind, and when you see Search much more intensely, the only possible response, through prayer.

Agony grows to the point falling rather than sweat great drops of blood from his body, is also more intense the prayer Is through Jesus again to get everything you need, all the peace, all the infinite fortress, all courage and power, security and trust, to get up and go with a surprising firmness to the cross, experiencing the same joy that always had brought him, pleasing his father.

If for him, being equal with God, it was so important to be permanently alone with his father, we also should be. Definitely the success of the Christian life is to begin and end each day "on his knees", cultivating a rich life of prayer and study of the word of God, which will allow us to us water from the springs of water alive, to not being thirsty ever. This thirst refers to the countless needs and circumstances that overwhelm our lives and keep us from enjoying the abundant life that he gives us.When we go to their presence, we find that he is the only one capable of supplementing all our missing and needsThus, we are strengthened in the midst of weakness, healed of any disease, our lament becomes joy, our scarcity in abundance, our stupidity in wisdom and in the midst of our powerlessness, we receive his power to overcome. 

We need constant and continuously God's help while walking along the paths of life God has promised us day after day its address, and this happens when we are confident (Psalm 37:5)


"Lord, thank you for giving us a new day, a new dawn, a day which we have never experienced and never return it to have, now understand that the victories of our lives will be while keep kneeling in front of you. Strengthen us with your spirit to find you every day and so be standing, beating all the circumstances of life. Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. He instructs Lord your way, trust him; and he will do. It will display your righteousness as the light, and your right as the noonday. It is silent before Jehovah, and waiting on it." Amen


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