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"Over you, when you pray, enter into your closet, and closed the door, pray to your father who is in secret;" and your father who sees in secret will reward you in public"(Matthew 6:6)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Psalm 143:7-12; Psalm 5

This is another teaching of Jesus about prayer, we should do it in a way personal, private and intimate, where is held a close relationship with God through Jesus Christ.Faith is exercised in private, although the results are publicly manifest, this form of prayer is what we can call "devotional staff" and is a very important time that every child of God should set aside each day to enrich your spiritual life, while maintaining that wonderful dialogue with our beloved Lord, thus giving the opportunity to him to equip us for our daily living... We purchased there forces that otherwise we could not have. It is a time that Dios enables us to "lift on wings like Eagles" to run without tiring us and walk without fatigue us .

If we read Marcos 1:35 we learn from Jesus, as follows: firstly: he got up early and went to a lonely place to be with his father, and second, even though I was tired for his work at the end of each day, he was never tired to pray; He knew that the secret of success in his Ministry was dependent on his search for God.

There is a secret that is special in the fact of early, get up early, set aside this first moment of the day for God. It is to give it first and best, as we have been taught by the same word of God and according to the valuable example of the great heroes of the faith that have existed. Everyone learned to seek God very early in the morning, before any other action of the day. But not only did at the start of the day, but continually; There is something that we need is the help of God. Who exercises the prayer will always have the presence of God; and who goes with him "dwell in the shadow of the soaring"

We need to find ourselves with God urgently, it is not from time to time. If we expect to be blessed, well-rooted, have health, enjoy peace and harmony in the home, etc., the recommendation is to be diligent in seeking God. The devotional time in a timely manner, leads us to enjoy all the riches that God has in his glory, and pours them into wealth on those who seek him. That King David was a man who had all the abundance of God as his father: "Oh Lord, in the morning you will hear my voice; tomorrow I shall be presenting in front of you, and I'll wait"(Psalm 5:3)


"Amado Padre, thanks we give you for allowing us to be again at your feet. Today you are looking for from the intimacy of our thoughts, listen to us because you have come to praise you and exalt you; We thank you that we can entrust our lives to you, rid ourselves of all loads and be safe in your presence. Let us hear morning your mercy, because we have trusted in you, let us know the path where to walk, because you have raised our soul. Teach us to do your will, for you are our God, your good spirit lead us to land of righteousness. Revive us, o Lord, for your name's sake; by your righteousness brings our soul in anguish graciously hear us, o Jehovah, our words; consider our sigh. It attends to the voice of our cry, because you will pray." Amen.


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