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"And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites; because they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, to be seen of men; "of verily I say unto you that they already have their reward" (Matthew 6:5)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Matthew 6:5-15; Luke 18:9-14

Prayer sincere, which comes from a heart that feels like it is communicated with his God father. The first recommendation that Jesus makes on how to communicate with God, is that prayer must be born of the heart, must be true. In fact, what God you are interested in is the attitude of the heart and not the eloquence in the words, the only one that knows the intimate part of our being is God.

Be heard or seen by men was the attitude of the Pharisees, whose prayers does not liked to God, because they sought the admiration and recognition of men. But born in a humble, sincere and needy, heart prayer is that God hears. Those who cultivate a personal faith in God our father, we know that prayer is to talk to him, and this is something simple, but also the most sublime Act and wonderful, not only because I am speaking not with another person that can be important, excellent, or beautiful, but because I am intimate with him which is much more than a human being, is the creator of the universe is the owner and designer of life! It is my real father! 

But that is precisely the miracle of faith and the power of prayer, that an ordinary person can have access to God's presence and engage in a dialogue with the most extraordinary of the entire universe.

The Manual of life tells us that God having spoken many times and many ways and means, in another time by the prophets in the last days has spoken to us by the child. and what has not spoken? They are deep and countless teachings; among them we highlight that precisely stressed in learning to communicate with God. We would say that its purpose was precisely to establish that relationship that was lost since the Foundation of the world, showing the one and only true way to the father; thus expressed in that extraordinary statement more than 20 centuries ago when Jesus rose from the crowd and said: 'I am the way, the truth and the life; No one comes to the father but through me' (John 14:6)

Take this, the most wonderful example of love and perfect unity of the heart of a child to his father, that of Jesus Christ, which resulted in actions of salvation, healing, freedom for all humanity. Also when we ourselves in such a way to communion with the father in heaven, our life will bring great benefits to those who surround us and to society as a whole.


"Father God thanks you for this new day." Good Lord what is to approach your presence, and be able to express yourself from deep in our hearts that you are only God. Teach us to find you faithfully. Today, we ask that our prayers come out of a sincere and genuine heart and are pleasant to your ear. Amen."


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