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When I remember you in my bed, when you meditate on you in the night vigils. Because you have been my help, and thus in the shadow of your wings I will rejoice"(Psalm 63:6-7)

 26:9; Luke18:1-8; Psalm 55:17

Devotional life is the greatest wealth that can be grown a human being, because it allows you to interact with God in an intimate and personal manner, which will represent the to develop an excellent life, experiencing health, i.e., in all areas of his life. In addition, is this communion with the creator and Heavenly Father, that also allows us to discover that we were created to do great and marvelous works, to see extraordinary things and through us in the lives of others.However, despite the impressive and desirable of this life, many prefer to live under its own parameters, depending on themselves and at the mercy of circumstances. This implies living in fears, worries and failures.

For those who wish to begin growing a consistent devotional life, the basic requirement is to long for earnestly share our life with the Lord, every thought, every feeling, every decision. It is to recognize that there is no greater delight that come with it, that there is no greater good that we can have. Implies an attitude of insistence, though, perseverance.This was exactly what the Lord pointed out as an admirable virtue in that woman's account of the Gospel of Luke, who was so determined to be heard in your need, that despite having to bring his case to an unjust judge who did not respect God nor human being whatsoever, not give up, buton the contrary, insisted both, the judge decided to listen to it and grant him his wish. But if ours is different, because we do not cry out to a human being, but a just, merciful father who loves us and wants the best for us.

Now, the real devotional life is that which we fully enjoyed the company of the Lord, not by what he can give us or do for us, but to enjoy their love and share your precious spirit, which enables us to live everything that pleases him. For this, it is necessary a heart filled with gratitude and joy, willing to worship and exaltation, that experience freedom to express genuinely like the psalmist:"who I I in heaven but you? And outside it nothing desire on Earth"(Psalm 73:25).

We will ask: what will happen to our material needs? Because they belong to God, and will answer as a result of the spiritual food to find. No doubt will be fulfilled which says the Gospel: "but your father knows that you need these things. But seek the Kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added"(Luke 12:30 b-31).Encourage us that from this day we become people of prayer and hope to see the glory of God in our lives.

"Dear Lord; Thank you for allowing us to be in your presence, to whom we have in heaven but Ti and Ti out of anything you want in the Earth, with all our heart we approach your presence, have need to hear your voice and feel close to us. We recognize that only you fill our lives everything we need with our soul you have wanted at night and yearns to us the spirit within us, after looking for you, thank you my Lord,. In the evening, we will pray at dawn, noon and clamorous; and he will hear our voice." Amen


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