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Who gave that they would have such a heart that fear me, and keep my commandments, every day so that they and their children it would be them well forever? (Deuteronomy 5:29).

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Proverbs 23:26; Isaiah 29:9-24

If there is something that our Heavenly Father desires of us children, it is that we have a real fear to obey and keep his commandments. Many times we can be light and emotional to say that we love God and we are willing to fully live the life than the demand that we should live.

The above verse expresses the deep longing of our Father God, see us, their children, a heart free of preventions, mistrust and defiance. He longs to cultivate a heart full of love, respect, and trust in him and his word. A heart seeking above all, to do your will. Surely many times have done the same as the people of Israel, who promised to keep the divine precepts, especially when it was them wrong, then, to forget his promises and fall back in the hardness of their heart, stubbornness and indifference. And worst of all, was that they dragged evils for them and for their children.

Our Christian life should focus on giving each day, and at every turn, our hearts to God, so it it follow trying to, transforming and healing; that remains obedient to his word and compassionate and sensitive towards the needs of others. May sometimes wonder why I'm not seeing blessing in my life, in my family, my children, in business? The difficulty may arise in disobedience to his will, with regard to keeping his commandments every day.

The laws God established them to teach us the lifestyle that we have, and thus ensure prosperity and blessing that all lifelong. The Lord clearly expressed in his word: "...for which was to them and their children well for ever..." God knows our hearts and why it is necessary that every day is what we deliver, and in this way, we can renew our thoughts and enable us to live a life of obedience, in order to cheer his heart.

The Lord calls us to be genuine in our prayer, and the promises we make to you; If we decided to give our lives to God, make it real, we surrender our whole being to him and let that the move that needed, opinionated and weak heart in one new, pure and renewed.


"Father thank you for being in your presence again, today we approach your presence, to surrender our hearts, change it, transform it into a new;" trained to obey you, save your statutes and always willing to please you. We ask to continue trying, transforming and healing; for stays compliant to your Word, compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others and filled with love, respect and trust towards you." Amen.


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