"No corrupt comes out of your mouth, but that is good for edifying, in order to give grace to the hearers" (Ephesians 4:29)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Proverbs 10:21; Colossians 3:12-17

Communication is a key aspect of every human being, a privilege God has given you, which depends heavily on success in interpersonal relationships. Dialogue is what strengthens and revives the love and what holding the unit in a group of people, of any kind, but in a special way, the familyThe Bible calls us to foster love and peace among human beings, and teaches us that one of the most effective ways is the use of words that build, This means, that it is necessary to make a contribution to the life of listening to us, that generates joy and producing hope.

Let us remember that build means build, make, erect, lift, found, create And all that we can produce, in a person's heart when we talk to him with words of love, faith and hope. With this way of expressing himself, we can make a significant contribution to the peace and progress of our families and our nation, because... how many wars have begun in a misunderstanding, in a play on words inadequate and inappropriate? How much damage is capable of making the language; it comparing the Bible with a small fire can destroy an entire forest?

Communicate some tips that will help us to improve communication:

• Do not believe that we know everything. We ask from time to time.
• We provide an open atmosphere of acceptance and freedom.
• Choose the right time to talk about. We select the words.
• Do not talk without praying. The habit us also pray next to the person that we need an agreement or settle an issue. Where it is the spirit of God to reign, there is harmony and peace.
• Focus on being a good listener.
• We are willing to honestly express our point of view. If we do not agree, to say so but with gentleness and kindness.
• We seek more understanding to be understood.
• Admit our mistake and ask forgiveness. It is more courageous and generates admiration, in addition to improving the willingness to reach an agreement.
• Good communication also includes the know when to shut up.
• It is more important to love to have the reason.


"Beloved father thank you for this new day, by giving us the gift of listening, thank you for teaching us how we should express ourselves so that we build and give to the lives of those we love and all who pass by our side." We now understand that communication is the result of living in communion with the Holy Spirit, who gives us the power to love and accept others, dissolving all emotional barrier and establishing strong bonds of love. "Father God teach us to keep silent when we should shut up and pray before you speak, to build with our words and we ask forgiveness for our inappropriate words that have come out of our mouths." Amen

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.

Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".


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