"Because if you return to the Lord, your brothers and your children will find mercy in front of those captives with them, and will return to this earth; "because Jehovah your God is gracious and merciful, and not depart from you your face, if you will return to it" (2 Chronicles 30:9)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Exodus 19:1-8; Psalm 36:1-12

Turn to God, is deciding, at least one, within the family, company, people or nation, genuinely seek the face of God, a real face to face with the eternal father, a usual encounter with the Almighty; this means depart from all way wrong before God, and be motivated by a deep love and gratitude toward him, for a vivid yearning for being in his presence and knowing his will.

This was the case with Moses, the great leader of the story, to whom was entrusted from God, the heroic task to the people of Israel from slavery was in Egypt for more than 400 years. Once out there, already in the desert, God calls Moses from the top of Mount Sinai. Without hesitation, Moses embarks on the rise of the 2,285 meters, knowing that the instructions that you will receive on the part of God, will represent not only the survival of his people but the victory in the task of driving more than 600,000 thousand men, not counting women and children, to their final destination in the promised land, where he would establish himself as a great nation.

Or delicious wind nor the without equal vision of the landscape from the top of the mountain you can gaze, may represent greater motivation to upload, how to know that without a doubt, there would listen to the voice of God: "You saw what I did to the Egyptians, and how I took on wings of Eagles, and you've brought to me..." you will be my Special treasure of all peoples; because all the Earth is mine. And ye shall be me a Kingdom of priests and a Holy nation"(exodus 19:4-6)

Anyone who turns to God, he tells you his perfect plans, their dreams and visions; he makes manifest its tender love and loving care; it reveals to him how special we are for it and excellent life wanting to enjoy, if only we have our hearts to hear carefully and save your words. Today the invitation is that we see the Almighty living up to their promises, running great things in our favor, showing leniency and mercy our lives and giving us tools to provide response to a society that groans awaiting leaders who lead us to peace.


"Father well, thank you for allowing us to sunrise in your presence, today we understand that what you ask of us is that move every day to your presence, you know, listen to your voice and discover the purposes that you have for us and our families (companies, municipalities, Nations), then go to them, teach them to respect your words, to follow your instructions and thus carry a priceless blessing. In your name and with your spirit, we will do it. My God, your love is unmatched! Under your protective shade, all find refuge. With the abundance of your House, you leave us satisfied; turn off our thirst in your River of blessings. Only in you is the source of life, and only in your presence, we can see the light. Bless with your love to all those who love you! Amen"


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