"We are like a mirror that reflects the greatness of the Lord, who changes our lives. Thanks to the action of the Holy Spirit in us, every time we seem more to it"2 Corinthians 3: 18 BLA
COMPLEMENTARY passage: Ephesians 4:1-32
From the day we invite Christ began a transformation plan in our life, whose purpose is to become like Christ (Ephesians 4:13). The life of the son of God develops in a growing glory, i.e. of victory in victory that the Lord wants to bring us to the biggest challenges. But for this it has to be always ready.
Many of the things that come to our lives, which can bother us and harass us, should not fret us or afflict us, as are usually the method of God so that we grow in the way of perfection. God is more interested in the formation of our character which includes our way of life, driving us in life, the testimony that we are giving, etc., that remove this irritating situation. The style of the Eagles, will use many situations that we trouble in the "nest", until finally we dare to raise us, extend our wings and we realize account that we can fly very high as sons of King, not to let life with their heads down on the Earth.
As we never dare to think that the mother Eagle want evil for their Montagu, but on the contrary, we admire their wisdom to teach them to fly, so we need to recognize that the treatment of God is loving, looking for that every time we have more excellence in who we are, what we do and what we have, until we reflect the image of his beloved son, until we get to be like him.
But how does this process take place? Through his holy spirit, who came to glorify Christ and give us abundant life. He has a specific work to do in our lives and through us, which will result in the very life of Christ in me. I.e., all his love, his peace, his power, his grace, in me, and through me. This is known as the fullness of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. It does not receive more than him, but give more than us. The yield you absolutely all our being in perfect obedience to his will, he has more freedom in acting in and through our lives, in order to exalt and glorify Christ.
Many communicate their concerns about how difficult that seem to live according to this wonderful plan: be like Christ. And it is not impossible if second-by-second, moment to moment, we ensure not be us who direct our life but itNot can be in control of all things, or to ensure our good act in the future. What if we can ensure that every step of our lives demos it taken from the hand of Jesus and in obedience to his will. The invitation is to that arrive every day in prayer at our Potter workshop, there the vessel of our life will receive the treatment you need.
"Father mine thank you for this early month we allow to live, came to you as the owner of our lives, we leave in your hands so that your fingers divine form this clay pot and transform it in a gold;" only you can do, thank you my Lord, for making our lives your perfect work, because in it there is nothing imperfect. Father God you're the only one that you can judge your work and we can understand your will that is nice and perfect. "Lord have mercy on us, see how much you have failed, but you are more powerful that all us, we ask that you works in our lives, thank you for the gift of love, to forgive, and to be free". Amen.


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