"Because the Lord has chosen Zion; He wanted it per room for himself. This is always the place of my rest; here I will dwell, because I wanted it." (Psalm 132:13-14)

COMPLEMENTARY passage MICAH 4:2, Psalm 122:1-9

Jerusalem occupies a special place in God's Word, and no wonder, because Jerusalem or Zion is also called the eternal city. Who have had the opportunity to see it with our eyes, walking through its streets, breathe the air, and have experienced the presence of God in that place in a special way.

The beauty and the peace of Jerusalem inspired men like David, to compose her rhymes, songs and poems, for David, Jerusalem was more than their city, the capital and the symbol of the consolidation and the prosperity of his Kingdom. It meant the place of God's Covenant, which had poured out his love, his mercy and his power, taking you from being a simple Shepherd to become the King of his people. That is why Jerusalem became the permanent reason for his joy and the object of their songs. Also the word of God is filled with testimonials from men and women who had a correct attitude towards the land of the Lord, seeking his good and his peace, and were greatly prospered. This is the case of King Solomon, who cultivated a very special love for this place in your heart in which God had promised that his presence would be permanently and your ear would listen to any request that there be made.

In the same way, for US, Jerusalem is the place where the price paid for our freedom, where it covered the cost of our peace. By the precious blood of Christ shed we were free from the slavery of sin and death, and elevated to the status of children of God. Now we can enjoy his love and the abundant life that he gives us.

Have continuously received and shared beautiful teachings about Zion that have to do with our daily lives, as God promises to bless those who pray for the peace of the Holy City and think of it with joy, longing to visit her because they understand that there will be a special meeting with his papa Dios, and that may be submitted by you of gratitude and praise for offering innumerable benefits received.


"Thank you Dear father for being with us in this new dawn, for choosing Jerusalem as the land of your love. Earth, where your presence, that brings true rest, in a special way the exalted God, to which the heavens and the entire universe cannot contain, decide to dwell in our midst! In addition, our heart is filled with love for your land and you can declare along with the psalmist: I was glad with who told me: go to the House of the Lord. And the foreigner who is not of your people Israel, that has come from distant lands because of your great name, and your strong hand, and your outstretched arm, if they come and pray in this House, you will hear from heaven, your dwelling place, from and do according to all that has cried out to you abroad." Ame


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