"JAH, if you shouldest mark iniquities, who, o Lord, shall stand? But in you there is forgiveness, for you're revered"(Psalm 130:3)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Colossians 1:13-23

Feel forgiven and forgive are two things that allow us to experience a new dimension of happiness in our lives, characterized by freedom, tranquility and peace that come as a result of reconciliation and the restoration of our ties with God, with ourselves and with others.

Forgiveness and reconciliation are part of the fundamental work that the son of God came to do in the land; reconciliation and forgiveness have to do with love immaculate part of Dios the Padre for humanity. Anyone who warns this eternal gift will also experience a life of freedom and a new capacity for love, in such a way that you always seek the good of others.

All human beings need the experience of forgiveness, because it comes in moments of loneliness and crisis, the snack that the soul needs. True forgiveness and reconciliation evidenced in fully enjoy this wonderful gift, living free, joyful, and giving love and forgiveness to others.

On this day the invitation is to take the wise decision to reconcile with the author of life, God our father; style of Jesus Christ the invitation is to lift up their eyes to the heavenly father and begin accepting forgiveness that he offers to us. Reconcile with him will bring the best results in our body, our soul and our spirit.

If we already reconciled with God, we are now prepared to we reconcile ourselves, and it will be so wonderful this, that we will feel free of fear; We will have freedom to raise us to be and do, all that God has prepared for our lives. Now yes, we reconcile with our neighbor, establishing new relations based on love, justice, and goodness.

Approach God with freedom and let us conquer by the author of love and reconciliation. Let us go back to the loving arms fear No more!


"Father loved thank you by this new dawn for your reconciling love, receive forgiveness, and learn more from you through your Word, how much wisdom and how much power you put at our disposal. We now believe that through prayer, hearts, problems, difficulties, Nations, fall to you. Give us a heart obedient and gentle to reconcile with our neighbor and that nothing stops us until you see that the result of the unity and love. Feel forgiven and forgive are two things that allow us to experience a new dimension of happiness in our lives and it is the fundamental work that your son Christ Jesus came to do on Earth. Do not let us be wise in our own opinion and ask your beautiful relief, let us forgive as you do. You feel the joy of forgiveness because everything is real, decent, just, pure, lovely, honorable, comes from you Father God." Amen


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