“…Fear not, for I redeemed you; you got a name, you are mine... In my eyes you were high esteem, you were honorable, and I have loved you; "I will give, therefore for you men and Nations for your life" (Isaiah 43: 1-4)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: 1 John 4:18; Psalm 20:1-9

How much love and deep esteem enclose these words by our heavenly father to each of their children: "Don't be afraid" ! Fear is one whipping big man that blocks you, paralyzes you and prevents you from moving towards the extraordinary purposes that Dios has charted for his life. However, he tells us: "I am with you". It is then when we realize that the solution, which God gives to fear, is his presenceAlone us enough to overcome the fear and get us to act, to continue without fainting. Now, is the prayer that man goes to your Creator and father, the best way to experience his presence and be strengthened, because the response is not expected, as the Prophet says when he writes: "you will keep in perfect peace him whose mind you persevere; because he has entrusted in you"(Isaiah 26:3).

"I redeemed you" Other conflicts that overwhelm the humans is to blame, which appears when the conscience accuses us for the wrong acts that we have committed. However, the grace, the love and forgiveness of God are enough to cleanse us from all error, transforming our heart, freeing us from selfishness that leads to sin, and therefore replacing guilt with a beautiful experience of genuine remorse and gratitudeThis happened with the adulterous woman when the Lord spoke these words, that also to us today:

"Neither do I condemn you; "go, and Sin no more" (John 8:11) "You got name" each of us is special to God and is the object of his love. Why is takes the time to establish a unique and particular, excellence and love, schedule for each. "You're mine" belong you to God! We are your most precious possession!

"I will be with you" is inevitable for human beings, however strong, large or powerful as it seems, feeling powerless or vulnerable in many circumstances of life. However, in God, our weakness becomes strength, our impossible made possible by its power.


"Beloved Lord, thank you for your presence in our lives and this new dawn, because your words gives us value, security, and the strength that we need to live with your peace and face each day. Lord, help us to find you as a preferential issue of our lives, through prayer. In Ti my dear father there is fear, being in your presence is enough us to conquer all our fears and drive us to act, to continue without fainting, because you keep us in perfect peace those whose thinking in Ti perseveres; "We ask forgiveness, with genuine regret and gratitude, because we are special for Ti and are your most valuable possession and know that your will be with us today and for always." Amen


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