"More for the abundance of your mercy I will enter your House; I will worship toward your holy Temple in fear of you"(Psalm 5:7)
COMPLEMENTARY passage: Isaiah 63:7-9; Psalm 103
Much has been written on God's mercy. The meaning of the term says it all: COURTISANES: misery, CORD: heart
It means that our Father God regards our misery (deceitful heart) with your heart full of love and compassion. Recognize this infinite goodness of God manifested in their absolute and total forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ, his son, and now enjoy the privilege of being at home and having his permanent company, through prayer; this we must soften, in such a way that we take the decision of being grateful, obedient and faithful children.
A man so rich, so powerful and so great as it was David teaches us about these beautiful virtues, because he recognized that he not "entered the House" of the Lord on merit that could pray, praise and seek God, simply because it granted this mercy. Although he was King, fully recognized that it was God who had brought it from behind the sheep, be a humble shepherd boy to become a King's fame and popularity.
This is a simple example of how it must look to God as we climb the ladder of success and prosperity. Let us not forget that comfort and abundance may harden the heart to such an extent that make us believe that everything have achieved you by our own arm, by capacity, tenacity and the own merit.
Maintain clear vision of a merciful God who sustains us with his breath of life, moment-to-moment shall we travel along the roads of humility and simplicity, and this will also be reflected in the good treatment that we give to all those around us and the wise management of the US delegated authority. It will also be reflected in the daily encounters with God, talk to him to continue receiving his direction knew that it leads us to thrive each day.
Let us remember: "Dios approaches the humble and away to the superb" whenever we come to God, do it with humility.
"Blessed father which art in heaven thank you for allowing us to be in your presence, keep our heart of pride and folly, because only so can walking with freedom and simplicity, enjoying everything on a daily basis we offer. Teach us with your holy spirit to wisely discern your truths, to make them the most important thing in our lives. Beware of all pride and self-sufficiency, because we know that they will lead us to destruction. Thank you Lord for your infinite mercy, through which we feel very loved. We bless with our whole soul unto the Lord, bless all our be his holy name, and let's not forget none of your benefits. Who forgive all our iniquities, who heals all our ailments; the rescues us pit your life, which us Crown favors and mercies". Amen


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