"So instead I thought do well to Jerusalem and to the House of Judah in these days; do not be afraid. These are the things you have to do: speak truth each one with his neighbor; judge according to the truth and where relevant to peace in your gates. And none of you think evil in your heart against your neighbor, or you love the false oath; because all of these are things that I hate, saith the Lord"(Zechariah 8:15-17)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Proverbs 6:16-19

Anyone that decides to return his heart to God and begin to live according to his wise instructions, makes wise also and started to represent for their family and environment, a huge boon. If Conversely, we decided to follow the parameters of the world, and be guided by the tendency to judge, condemn or criticize, will encounter great obstacles to our happiness and will cause much damage to others. This does not mean that we are disabled to make it fall into account someone's mistakes and help you overcome them; but yes we must make sure of having a straight attitude when we do, for that it is necessary that:

· Let us be humble to recognize our own weaknesses, and be willing to correct them and to eradicate them from our minds, thoughts and actions.

· Pray to God that encourage when we are not using words or offensive signs.

· We must truly implement the principles of God in our way of life, and so we can have authority at the time of editing, as the Apostle Paul said to his disciple Timothy: "introduce yourself your own example..."

New men and women that God desires to form, those who we represent him in the world, their sons and daughters, we must be ready to change our attitudes erroneous to cultivate and develop attitudes of healthy and dignified, to maintain a heart approved before God our father, and also do good to those who are around. One of these aspects that we need to change is to ensure our thoughts, as these will depend on our feelings and what we decide the actions we undertake. For this reason, to make sure that our mind is continuously filled with thoughts to the style of Philippians 4:8 "Finally, brothers, consider well true, respectable, right, pure, lovely, all worthy of admiration, in short, everything that is excellent or worthy of praise"


"Thank you Father God we give you for allowing us to live one more day to receive your Word that we both builds, today we understand that we have a huge responsibility before you by each of our words." We are aware of the damage of a language not tame, and recognize that we need the help of your spirit, to take victory in the task that represents learn to always give a good report. We know that the goal is the character of Christ, and we are grateful because the rewards will also be very rewarding. In Thanksgiving. Amen"


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